Rope Access

Global General Trade provides competencies in the methods of accessing high angle worksites.

Effective access to over
large voids without collective fall protection measures in place is often solved by rope access methods.

Strict mandatory requirements to undertake rope access projects classify the work as complex.

Advanced planning and competence assures effective project delivery.

Rope access activities involve:

  • Structural assessment and anchor identification.
  • Rigging complexity
  • System redundancy considerations

Global general Trade provide multi-services approach which is now considered to be global trends toward cost efficiency, more clients are benefiting from multiple services provided through a single service provider.

 With our multi-services approach clients enjoy improved services delivery, increased risk mitigation, reduction of contractor’s base, and utilization of best practices.


Global General Trade has a Help Desk operation with a dedicated share call number and a service that is available 7 days a week.

The Help Desk provides a single point of entry for all maintenance service requests raised by our clients’ staff. It also serves as a single source of information for providing feedback on all logged service requests and the progress made towards executing these requests. In case of an after-hours emergency, the Help Desk will direct callers to emergency service telephone numbers.

Rope Access

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