Education & School  

We work with South Africa's universities, Colleges and School helping them deliver new and better facilities for today's academic and student population

Our expert team of contractors are dedicated to providing top-quality construction, renovation and other building services to schools and education facilities across South Africa.

We are particularly proud of the work that we have provided for educational and school buildings. From new-builds to extensions, refurbishments and facilities management we have a reputation for providing top quality services that are uniquely designed to fit around your needs.

Our school construction services

Our Core services include:

  • Complete new building construction
  • Refits (inc. kitchens and bathrooms)
  • Extensions
  • Strip-out and remodeling
  • Partition walls
  • Demolition works
  • Pavilion buildings
  • Repairs
  • Facilities Management.

If you are looking for high quality construction services for your school, college, university or educational facility, enquire with our team on 021 7136185 or 068 1255038 for a free, no obligation quote based on your requirements.

Building a better future for schools

Schools, colleges and universities in South Africa are faced with a need to evolve to overcome challenges such as outdated and undersized buildings, but it can seem impossible. That is where we are here to help.

Our team of experts use a sensitive approach to your educational environment, both in terms of budget and your expectations and needs, to ensure that the work we provide is transformative in the best way.



Global General Trade team shares an enthusiasm for creating and maintaining the best schools for the communities where we live and work. We recognize that our role is to not just build and maintain facilities, but also to further the mission of our education clients. We’re committed to serving our clients throughout the entire process to ensure that each and every project is optimized to best serve the students and faculty for years to come.

As your trusted partner, we are intimately familiar with working on active campuses while ensuring the safety of not only the project staff, but the students, faculty and the public. We understand the need for additional flexibility and innovation to be designed and built into every project.

Hotels fit-out – we ensure hotels are

As one of the nation’s hospitality builders, we work with clients to deliver exceptional construction, maintenance and facilities management experiences across South Africa.,

Our project teams are experts in working in occupied hotels with minimal disruption to guests and hotel operations, and as an experience company, we know the importance of honoring the value of historic properties. That’s why we take the utmost care to preserve cherished elements from the past while providing modern upgrades and amenities for today’s travelers.

Global General Trade drive innovation and bring added value to every project, whether it be in hotels, Guests House, resorts or restaurants. We bring our culture of ownership to work for you, creating a lasting legacy.

With hospital experts in-house, GGT has unique insight into the day-to-day operations of health care spaces. This ensures that complex refurbishment, maintenance or expansions of specialized treatment and procedure areas, including labs of all types, are executed with zero disruption of mission critical operations.



Global General Trade delivers high quality, functional and sustainable health and care facilities.

We achieve this by:

  • Listening closely to our clients and end users to ensure schemes meet operational and clinical requirements from day one.
  • Having an in-depth understanding of the key factors for successful delivery including keeping the impact of works to a minimum and the ability to work in highly constrained sites.
  • Our track record of delivering schemes via major healthcare frameworks, such as the framework, where we have delivered more projects to date.
  • Sharing best practice and lessons learned with our colleagues across South Africa.
  • Embracing the latest technologies and approaches to achieve greener and more efficient facilities

Social Housing Services

At GGT Construction we are proud to hold established partnerships with Housing Associations, working across the South. We work hard to ensure that we meet the demands for affordable worker housing and top-quality, low-cost homes.

The construction services that we offer benefit a number of social housing properties, including but not limited to:

  • Homes
  • Units
  • Flats
  • New builds
  • Bungalows

Whether the social housing construction project calls for full street renovations or building entirely from scratch, our cost-effective housing solutions promise to meet the needs of the residents we are serving. Our portfolio includes social housing construction projects and provides brilliant examples of the work we do. Over the years our expert services have led us to develop wonderful partnerships with housing associations.

We find we are a preferred construction provider because of our quality of work, the standards we hold ourselves to as maintenance contractors and construction creators, and of course the relationship that we develop with our clients throughout our work.

Why choose GGT Construction for social housing building works?

Our team has the skills and experience to carry out your project to ensure it meets all of requirements on time and within budget, as well as making sure that it is the best solution tailored for your social housing needs.

Get in touch by submitting our online form or emailing for a free, no obligation quote.


High standards of excellence

When engaging with housing association building and maintenance, we strictly adhere to Scheme Development Standards and building regulations. This standard is set for every social housing construction company service that we offer, including:

  • refurbishments
  • extensions
  • renovations
  • new builds
  • Asbestos

The partnerships that we hold were established on the high-quality standards that we consistently deliver, allowing GGL Construction to be a company that Housing Associations trust and count on.

Our work spans across multiple properties in different locations, but our Design and Build Department promises robust management and precision on each and every project. This ensures that every service that we offer holds the standards that we are so proud to set, no matter the scale of the project.

Clear communication

One of the most important foundations of success when working with social housing construction, is building an amicable and open working relationship with you, our clients, and the end users, your residents.

We take the satisfaction of our clients and the end users very seriously, and wherever possible, priorities meeting residents face to face prior to the commencement of a project – whether it be for a maintenance contractors service or a new build. By introducing ourselves and explaining the work that is going ahead, we establish a rapport and trust with the residents that gives them confidence and understanding in the work that will take place. For the duration, this manages expectations and creates great satisfaction rates.

During meetings such as these, we also listen to the needs of the residents, and do whatever we can to work around them as needed. For example, making the work as undisruptive as possible for vulnerable adults and children. As well as this, we are also deeply respectful of culture and language, and can provide any specific requirements that are needed. By doing this, we set the foundation for our work to go ahead without issues or complaints.

Many years of experience

Our highly skilled, professional team have many years of experience and are ideally placed to help with a range of social housing building works and projects. Having worked with many organizations, we understand the process of agreeing and completing works, and can assure you of our health and safety credentials.

To everything from large extensions to groundworks and demolition, our team excel in quality and precision every time, as well as keeping disruption at a minimum. So, are you interested in finding out more about our social housing construction services? We have completed a huge range of exciting projects in this sector across the South East. Be sure to check out our projects to see our work and learn more about what we can achieve for you and your property.

Global general Trade provide multi-services approach which is now considered to be global trends toward cost efficiency, more clients are benefiting from multiple services provided through a single service provider.

With our multi-services approach clients enjoy improved services delivery, increased risk mitigation, reduction of contractor’s base, and utilization of best practices.

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